Gordo changes

If you delegate, please READ!

Guys&Girls we are growing, and growing fast. @harmonyprotocol is about to initiate the operation warp speed with recent developments, community growth, network statistics, you name it. I’m super optimistic and I can’t see it stopping any time soon. Moon landing was sucessful at Harmony but now we are aiming for other galaxies. Just relax and enjoy the ride.

Our node also became fat (Gordo). Right now is an octo-thing with 8 machines to keep our uptime and performance.

The 1% fee is not sustainable and I’m increasing to 5% for two main reasons:

First ONE: It is to help cover the cost of the additional servers. Running a Validator is a lot of work. By having this small fee, it will allow me to spend more time focusing on the Validator and community. The increase of delegations and new wallets speaks for itself, thank you for the trust. Thank you guys and gals seriously!

Second ONE: Help to spread delegations to new and smaller validators. For Harmony decentralization we need our ecosystem to be sustainable. New validators are critical and I/we have to help in this stabilization due to the size of the node. Starting a new node takes a lot of time and effort. It’s a learning process that Harmony operators have to pass through and It’s not an easy task. I’m a node operator since early stages and I feel the responsability to contribute to the ecosystem just like all the other experienced operators are doing. We need to be in Harmony.

Quick & easy explanation on how the fees work:

1% – for every 100 coins generated with your stack you receive 99.

5% – for every 100 coins generated with your stack you receive 95.

This change will begin at the epoch 527 to 2%, increasing 1% per epoch after.

Feel free to get in touch.

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