Staking as a service

Earn crypto while holding your assets.

Why stake with Gordo?


Stake and start receiving next epoch directly to your wallet.


Your keys, your coins. Funds will never leave your wallet. Nonetheless you are responsible for the security of your assets.


24x7 performance and availability monitoring capabilities.


15+ years of experience as sysadmin. We have the skill set needed to run the most efficient nodes.

Best Yields

Best earn yields. Non-custodial solutions grant you the best yields.

Low fees

Our fees are set to grant the most reliable and secure solutions.

Buy $ONE

Buy $ONE on Binance exchange to get started.

Install wallet

Send your coins from Binance to your personal wallet. Keep your private keys safe!

“not your keys, not your coins”

Stake $ONE

Choose our validator to delegate and start earning!

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